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U boat quartz watches are mainly represented by their most famous series and collections: Classico, u boat missions, Flightdeck, and Thousand of feet. The very first model of these watches was designed for the Navy in 1940, commissioned by the Government of Italy. The peculiarity of this timepiece was that numbers varied in any light, and all kinds of weather. In addition, located on the left part of the crown can significantly win in safety and functionality. Since those years, aggravated military situation did not allow the watches to run in production, they only saw the light in 1999. The grandson of Ivo Fontana inspired the project and created a new modern model of u boat quartz watches, combining traditional design with a revolutionary vision.

U-Boat watches are equipped with a special casing tightness, and dial – a perfect readability even in complete darkness. The history of the name brand is interesting and original. Italo Fontana suggested a name brand due to his passion for yachting. Initially, it was decided to call the company “Your boat”, which is transformed gradually into the “Ur boat”, and then in the final “U-boat”. U-BOAT – an affordable alternative to expensive originals. Currently, watches of this brand are very popular and well-known thanks to its unusual shape. U boat quartz watches have simple corps lines and noticeably stand out among other products to its unusual design.

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The originals of these watches are made in the two countries. Mechanisms, as befits of a good clock, manufactured in Switzerland, but everything else is made in Italy. Producer says that its watch is 100% Italian. They have a distinctive and more aggressive design, so they are considered more watches for real men. However, do not think that the female half of the neglect of the brand, many of the fair sex also opt for this brand. Especially these watches look good on fragile and delicate female hands, because they favorably emphasize the elegance and femininity of the woman. In addition, female models come with special ornaments made of precious metals and stones.

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