Best Watches Under $1000

Best Watches Under $1000

If you can get your hands on one of the best watches under $1000, it can turn out to be not only a great investment but also something that can give complement your style and give your wardrobe a great subtle makeover. If you’re an aficionado of watches, you already know that there are many watch brands that can cost the same price as your computer, your car and even your house! While we’re happy for (and slightly jealous of) the people that can accord that, I think it’s safe to admit that most of us aren’t capable of putting that amount of dough in order to get a watch. But, if you want to ensure you treat yourself well, finding a luxurious watch under the price of $1000 isn’t impossible. In fact, it’s a welcome challenge, and you can knowingly flaunt your timepiece with ease of mind as you know you’re not going to go bankrupt.

best watches under $1000The first thing to decide on when looking the best watch under $1000 is to determine your lifestyle. That should be the number one criteria when searching for your next wristwatch. If you’re always in the office in a professional setting, you don’t want to be wearing a watch that is way too casual looking. Alternately, if you’re always playing sports and outdoors, you’re not going to be comfortable with a dressy watch that is really sophisticated looking. If you’re not sure what to get, or you only want to get one watch, the happy medium here is to select a timepiece that can fit both criteria of casual and dressy at the same time. Otherwise, the best recommendation is to purchase different watches for both work settings and play situations. This will allow you to wear the appropriate wristwatch depending on your daily activity; or it can simply allow you to have the variety that you need in your life!

Best Watches Under $1000

Let’s take a look at the style and determine which one is the perfect fit for you. When you boil everything down to basics, there are three styles we like to choose from: dressy watches, designer watches and sports watches.

Best Dressy Watches under $1000

In order for a watch to fall into the category of a dressy watch, we like to use these criteria as the measuring stick: 1) it should be made of stainless steel and/or be gold plated; 2) it should look relatively plain with a thin casing; 3) there should not be a rotating bezel; 4) there should not be a bezel with any markings on it; 5) it may contain thick markings. If you’re someone that works in a professional setting (such as a lawyer’s office or accounting firm) you will want to be wearing a dressy watch to match your daily outfit. This will ensure that you look presentable and look accordingly, as your dressy watch will match your shirt and tie, and suits.
best watch under 1000

Raymond Weil Maestro Silver Small Second Dial Watch

The Raymond Weil Maestro Silver Small Second Dial Watch is a prime example of what a beautiful dressy watch looks like. It features a silver dial with big roman numerals adorning the face of the watch and has distinct blue hand markers to show you the correct time. The stainless steel case is round and water resistant to 50 meters. Covered with a sapphire display window, Raymond Weil is making sure that only the most luxurious of materials are used in your sub-$1000 luxury watch. The sleekness of the Raymond Weil Maestro Silver Small Second Dial Watch gives you an extra level of class and elegance in your workplace, which can help to bring you additional confidence in your step. The look is both modern and classic at the same time and shows you the luxurious pieces such as sapphire windows and luminescent pearls on the dial.
best mens watches under 1000

Best Watches Under $1000

Movado Museum Classic Two-Tone Watch

The Movado Museum Classic Two-Tone Watch is another model in the iconic line of Museum models from Movado. The telltale sign of the Museum watch is the black watch face that is so elegantly displayed along with the polished yellow gold trimmings on this wristwatch. The display window is covered with a durable sapphire crystal that protects the watch against scratches from every day wear. The two-toned gold and silver colors allow you to display an air of a classic timepiece but at the same time show off your modernistic elegance. Movado has put a lot of attention to detail into making this watch a part of their signature line of watches and the quality of it shows through not only the pictures of the Museum Classic Two-Tone Watch, but more importantly, through the actual wearing of the watch.

best automatic watches under 1000

Stuhrling Original Tourbillon Grand Imperium Limited Edition Mechanical Black Watch

The Stuhrling Original Tourbillon Grand Imperium Limited Edition Mechanical Black Watch is one dressy watch that will be a real head-turner if you decide to wear it. The case is made with precision and features a stainless steel case with the luxury of a sapphire crystal display window usually found only in higher end watches. This Stuhrling Original Tourbillon Grand Imperium Watch is a limited edition design and features the signature open-heart tourbillon complication design that is found on many of their watches. The black strap is made of genuine alligator leather and features a stainless steel clash with push button deployment. One of the goals of Stuhrling Original is to provide timepieces that are high in quality and can be brought into people’s lives at a really reasonable investment to quality ratio. They certainly deliver here!

Best Designer Watches under $1000

If you’re looking for a designer watch, you want something that screams modern and fashionable. Getting a designer watch with a budget of less than $1000 is definitely possible, however, many designers like to charge even higher costs that that, since they know their products are in demand. Usually the designer is someone that is famous with a good world-wide reputation and often the look of the watch is not usual. This is what will set the watch apart from many other watches and give the person wearing the watch a good piece of mind that they will have a rare chance to find someone with the same watch!
best watches for men under 1000

Versace Destiny Spirit Floating Micro Spheres Watch

With the Versace Destiny Spirit Floating Micro Spheres Watch, you are sure to be getting a watch that is un-matched by any other designer in the world. Versace designed this watch to have 300 micro spheres running loose in a see through bezel! There is no crown on the case and you can see right through the watch. The micro spheres are loose and can move around as you move your arm, which is something that was rarely seen before in the world of timepieces. Versace is known for creating beautiful jewelry and watches and the quality of these items all confirm to the most stringent criteria for quality Swiss watchmaking.
best dive watches under 1000

Salvatore Ferragamo Black Carbon Fiber and Orange Rubber Watch

Looking at the Salvatore Ferragamo Black Carbon Fiber and Orange Rubber Watch, you can see where the watch embodies both the classic elegance with the bold modern design. The first thing that will catch your eye is the bright orange cues on the face of the watch, paired by the bright orange strap. But looking beyond the obvious boldness of the colors, you can see that Salvatore Ferragamo designed the watch unlike many others. The use of carbon fiber to construct the watch is very different from the norm, and paired with the anti-reflective sapphire crystal dial window you can see how this watch stems from the brain of a designer like no other. With features like the seconds sub dial and enlarged date window, there are quite a few standard features to back up the design of this wristwatch itself.

best automatic watch under 1000

Hamilton Ventura XXL Elvis Anniversary Collection Black Fixed Gunmetal PVD Watch

Pay homage to your favorite artists in the past with the Hamilton Ventura XXL Elvis Anniversary Collection Black Fixed Gunmetal PVD Watch. While most watch designers opt for the classic circular watch basing or follow the Cartier Tank design of rectangular cases, Hamilton decided to produce a watch that had neither common shape and used a triangular case design. They pioneered many watches used by the US Armed Forces and became the official watch of many airlines in the past, but lately they have been putting out watches that rival the best of designers throughout the world. As a fashion timepiece, Hamilton delivered the style and uniqueness that only the best of designers can promise.


Best Sports Watches under $1000


There are a few basic rules when it comes to Sports Watches and those include a bezel with prominent markings, larger case design, thick markings and are usually water-resistant. A few sub-categories of Sports Watches include those that are classified as Diver or Pilot watches. These are watches that not only look great, but are meant for some type of activity, be it flying a plane, diving under water or just being outdoors with the need for something more durable and rugged to handle any outdoors conditions. There are quite a few Sports watches that are both luxurious and can be work as a daily watch, such as the more expensive Omega Speedmaster or the Rolex Submariner. As we’re focusing on the best watches under 1000 dollars here, we have to omit those selections and provide you with best choices in this category!
best dive watch under 1000

Tissot T-Race Automatic Chronograph Watch

The Tissot T-Race Automatic Chronograph Watch is a great luxury Sports watch that cost less than a thousand. It embodies the spirit of a sports watch as it features water resistance to 300 meters, has a chronograph display, has a comfortable black rubber strap and has a case made of black PVD stainless steel. With a case diameter of 45mm, it is a nicely sized watch to go along with your rugged activity, whether that is outdoors or diving under the water. With the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal display dial window that comes with the watch, you will be protected from any scratching that might occur during your activities. The details of the watch show how much care and excellence Tissot used when crafting this wristwatch.

best mens watch under 1000

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Grande Date Black Dial Watch

For anyone that likes car racing, they will most likely have seen the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Grande Date Black Dial Watch before. TAG Heuer is often the official time keeper and sponsor of many auto racing circuits and this watch is packed loaded with features like any other affordable luxury sports watch. The stainless steel casing envelopes the Swiss quarts movement internals which form the heart of the time pieces The design is sporty and very solidly built which is perfect for any man that wants to have a great looking sports watch. Although technically a sports watch, you can wear the watch along with your casual wear, as well as your more dressier clothing, making it one of the perfect all-around choices for your daily watch.
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Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Chrono A-T Watch

Some people think that Citizen is a cheap watch, but once they lay eyes on the Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Chrono A-T Watch they will certainly change their mind. This watch by Citizen is fueled by light and does not require batteries for it to keep running, as all it requires is a little bit of light, whether natural or artificial. With the basis of the watch running with atomic timekeeping features, it is certainly one of the most accurate watches in the world. Not to mention that it is water-resistant up to 600 feet deep, it can certainly keep up with you no matter if you’re on the ground, in the water or in the air. Not only is the design captivating, but it rivals many of the more expensive timepieces on the market and holds its own!


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Best Watches Under $1000

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