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Pocket watches are the oldest type of mechanisms to determine the time. Compared with older models of modern machinery have decreased in size, they became more comfortable to wear, more accurate. Their hallmarks are considered to respectability, refinement, high reliability, and originality. Perhaps, that is why such products gain former popularity again.
We have to admit that these products look more spectacular, more interesting than the wrist ones. Choosing Tissot pocket watches on a chain is necessary to consider a combination with a common human style. Such an option is suitable mostly for men who want to give their image a rigorous, businesslike, restrained appearance. After all, the combination of the classic suit and pocket watch among others will be associated with punctuality and perfection.

Designers of Tissot pocket watches constantly hone their skills by offering consumers buy a pocket watch with original dial with Roman or Arabic numerals, or just beautiful translucent skeleton. The clock mechanism can be observed due to transparent back cover all the wheels and gears of the watches. Tissot pocket watches offer accessories with special luminous luminescent coating on the arrows and labels of the dial, so that these products were convenient to use in the dark.

Convenient Tissot Pocket Watches

These accessories usually have the classic round shape. Time display by means of rotating the dial and hands. Wear them on a chain or a leather cord, which are mounted on a special carbine unbent leg. The mechanical model of Tissot pocket watches can be manual or automatic winding. In both cases, the work hours on a chain mechanism is provided by a gradual unwinding of the spring. The differences lie in the fact that the products with manual winding periodically have to manually twist the spring through the head, located on the case, and in products Automatic spring winding automatically.

The power source of quartz movement in Tissot pocket watches is in such articles battery. The mechanism is not necessary to periodically start at the same time, it has a more accurate readings time.

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