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Pocket watch has appeared on the turn of the seventeenth century, it was not very accurate, but the glass on it appeared much later, but at that time the clock was a luxury and prestige. It took years and centuries, pocket watches have evolved: they were on the chain, fastened with carbines to bolt loops of trousers, vests, equipped with charms and coins, a counterweight, but always attracted attention.

Though today a man with a pocket watch is rarely met, they attract attention and are a decoration and a stylish accessory. Not everyone will dare to buy a watch on a chain, because you have yet to decide how and what to wear. But true connoisseurs of pocket watches will never give up on them. Among other things, pocket watch – a great gift for any holiday or anniversary.

Pocket Watch for Men

This pocket watch on a chain can be both male and female, especially in the current season, mods wardrobe safely replenished with large male watches, they give the woman a fragile charm and create a style, and certainly will attract attention.

When buying a pocket watch with chain the question arises: how to wear them properly? In a pocket watch, in addition to the chain, can be decorative items such as key ring or a coin.

The most elegant way to wear that will suit both men and women – is to wear a vest with a special pocket and choose a suitable pocket watch and chain, with one end hung watch, and on the other – keychain, mounted clock in the center of the chain. There are many ways to mount: loop, button, bolt loop. Watch is put it in your pocket, but the key chain is lowered from the outside for decoration. The pocket is located on the opposite side of the dominant hand. In addition, this is the only way to wear elegant pocket watch both for men and women. It can be worn in the pants – and in a special pocket.

Status Pocket Watch

Designers have left the pocket watch unattended. They offer original dials, skeleton with a transparent back cover, arrows with a luminous coating and other innovations to consumers. Housings of the pocket watch are made of stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum. For glass sapphire, mineral or plastic are often used.

Pocket watches work provides a mechanical or quartz movement. The mechanical model can be manual or with automatic winding. Quartz watches are more accurate and are powered by batteries.

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