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Queen of France Marie Antoinette extremely appreciated Breguet pocket watches and was the owner of many Manufactory models, including clock with perpetual calendar equipped with automatic winding mechanism. In 1783, a mysterious fan of Queen, wishing to give her a gift, ordered A.-L. Breguet’s unique clock, which gave rise to the appearance of all watchmakers of that era. Under the terms of the order, the maximum possible number of details had to be made of gold, and the Breguet pocket watches themselves had different complex of functions. The cost of the mechanism and the work on them was not limited.

The new Breguet pocket watches undoubtedly are work of art and watches with a perpetual calendar and minute repeater, which can beat the clock-quarters hours and minutes by wish of owner. A perpetual cyclic calendar indicates the date, day of week and month at grades “2:00”, “6:00” and “8:00” respectively. Index equation of time in the “10 o’clock” position shows the daily difference between solar and calendar time. “Galloping” hour and minute hands are fixed in the center, while the large second hand, the predecessor of the chronograph, fixed separately, while the small second hand is at “6 o’clock”. Indicator of 48-hour power reserve is located next to a bimetallic thermometer.

Professional Breguet Pocket Watches

“Eternal” movement with automatic winding consists of 823 carefully decorated details. Platinum, bridges, among tiny details of the wheel mechanism, repeater and calendar made of polished rose gold wooden tools. The screws of Breguet pocket watches are made from polished blue steel, friction points, windows and pedestal decorated with sapphires. In addition, this wonderful machine is equipped with a special shutter model that does not require lubrication, cylindrical gold and bimetallic spiral balancer. Two shockproof devices «pare-chute» protect Breguet pocket watches from the balance shaft and drum shaft damage in case of falls and bumps.

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