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20Modern Invicta watches differ with bold original design and excellent quality, typical of Swiss mechanisms. Its story began in 1837 in Switzerland, where it was considered one of the best for many years and quickly won the hearts of not only the Swiss, but the majority of Europeans. However, due to the quartz crisis of the 70s of the last century, its assets were sold to Americans. Now Invicta watches are considered to be American, […]

Ladies Citizen Watches

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Only practical and stylish girl will appreciate all the benefits that ladies citizen watches have. They will sit perfectly on your elegant wrist; moreover, such an accessory will perfectly fit in any fashion image. Particular attention should be paid to metal ladies citizen watches, as they may be complemented both with sports and classic style. All watches are equipped with a convenient and precise quartz movement, so you can use the clock from the collection […]

Citizen Watches

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Japanese brand Citizen has made an important contribution to the development of watchmaking. It belongs to the palm in the creation of quartz, electronic, waterproof watch. Citizen first developed a diving watch equipped with a depth gauge and the clock on the solar battery. Citizen – a recognized world leader in the manufacture of watches. The company has large factories in several countries, equipped with the most advanced equipment. Every year, under the Citizen brand […]

Montblanc Watch Canada

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The company, which initially declared itself as a manufacturer of stationery, eventually became known for its high quality luxury wristwatches. In 1913, it designed its own logo, which is a white star as a symbol of snow-covered mountains. Such a star can be seen on the arms of many famous political figures, which clearly demonstrates their choice in favor of office products of the brand Montblanc. The first Montblanc watches appeared in 1997. Manufacture of […]

Cheap U Boat Watches

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The famous watch brand called “u boat” has a special story. In time of war the first models of persistent watches have been released for the Italian military industry. They perfectly proved themselves as reliable and original products. However, the brand was founded only a few decades ago, today is known far beyond Italy and boldly competes with the Swiss brand giants. It is worth noting that this is one of the few watch brands […]

U Boat Watches U42

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Modern U-Boat attracts by its size, minimalistic design and a pronounced masculine “character.” The manufacturer offers 6 watches lines: u boat watches u42, Chimera, U-1001, Classico, Flightdeck and the Thousands of Feet. In our time, despite the youthfulness of the brand, it gained immense popularity due to the quality and design. The watch is manufactured in Switzerland – this fact guarantees the owner a long and good work chronometer. As the clock was originally released […]

U-Boat Automatic Watches

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Each brand of luxury and world-famous watches has its own features, style and design peculiar only for it. Therefore, the models of Italian u boat automatic watches differ by unique design in style of submarine! The watches of this brand are often very large (greater than 5 cm in diameter and 1.5 cm in thickness), are located on the face of large, easy to read time and the arrow mark. In some models, the crown […]

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Stunning and unique brand U-BOAT, which since 1999 has gained popularity among fans of grosser forms in accessories, courage and stoicism, timely bestow new models and entire collections unsurpassed hours. Italo Fontana, the owner of the company, founded it in 1942, but fame came to brand much later, with start of serial production. And these years, served as an excellent breeding ground for the accumulation of knowledge, created great layouts, and finally meeting the most […]

U-Boat Quartz Watches

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U boat quartz watches are mainly represented by their most famous series and collections: Classico, u boat missions, Flightdeck, and Thousand of feet. The very first model of these watches was designed for the Navy in 1940, commissioned by the Government of Italy. The peculiarity of this timepiece was that numbers varied in any light, and all kinds of weather. In addition, located on the left part of the crown can significantly win in safety […]

Breguet Diamond Watches

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Breguet is one of the most famous and honored Swiss watch brands. It has not only produced a huge number of successful models that have shaped the face of modern Swiss watches, but also many inventions that have made a significant contribution to horology. There is the self-winding mechanism among them, which is presented in the majority of models today, and tourbillon – complication, which is still considered a sign of exclusivity and refinement. Both […]