Panerai Radiomir Watches

Panerai Radiomir Watches for Men
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Brutal appearance and impressive size makes these Panerai Radiomir watches not just recognizable and identifiable from a distance. Even those who were not previously familiar with the Panerai, recognize this accessory military mission and assume their long history. In this case Panerai watches are not mass and middle-of-the-road– they were produced by limited edition 1936 copies. Steel body of Panerai Radiomir watches is made in the form of pillows, with rounded edges and a round […]

Vintage Panerai Watches

Great Vintage Panerai Watches
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The so-called vintage watches – this is one of the main exhibits in every collection, the most valuable object for investments, and a small piece of history. Such retro clock properly selected is a kind of a pass into a closed little world, where style and fancy of its owner will be appreciated. In addition, buying vintage watches can be a test for the nerves and the budget, as the most valuable vintage pattern may […]

Panerai Gold Watches

Status Panerai Gold Watches
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Panerai gold watches have a luxurious design, they are made rather in sporty style and are not suitable for bohemians. However, the appearance of any Panerai timepieces is unique, and each model is equipped with a huge number of features: water-resistant to three hundred meters, the phosphorescent dial of night, fifty-hour power reserve, and so on. They will be useful to fans of diving due to the strength and resistance to water pressure. Panerai gold […]

Luminor Panerai Watches

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Italian watch brand Panerai, which became famous by its large clock of aggressive and militant style, was founded in Florence more than a century ago. The company’s founder Govanni Panerai specialized in the design and manufacture of high-precision instruments and luminor panerai watches for use in high-risk conditions and succeed in his business. For about half a century, Panerai manufactured watches only for the Italian naval units and was the official supplier of complex high-precision […]

Luxury Watches Panerai

Great Luxury Watches Panerai
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It is said that you can tell a lot about man just by looking at his shoes and watches. Luxury watch Panerai – this is primarily an indicator of a wealthy man. A self-respecting businessperson would never allow himself to put on fake or low-quality watches. That is why many powerful people of this world prefer male and female Panerai watches. It must be said that the history of these accessories appearance on the market […]

Panerai Women Watches

Best Panerai Women Watches
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Restrained classic, a new understanding of contemporary trends and watch stylish expensive accessory – it’s all about Swiss Panerai women watches. They were originally designed for underwater Special Forces. Today, they are used by officers of the Navy of Italy and Egypt. But Panerai is not only a military watch. Despite the absence of diamonds, bright colors and unusual design of the brand’s products they are popular among the civilian population. Every year, Panerai produces […]

Panerai Limited Edition Watches

Gallant Panerai Limited Edition Watches
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Watches made by the company Panerai are a unique example of truly exclusive and reliable accessory. Firstly, producers combine in their models variety of materials – steel, titanium, white gold and pink, sapphire disc, ceramic, nickel, platinum, etc. Secondly, we should mention that the first models of watches Panerai were manufactured for the staff of the armed forces. Many samples were performed using phosphorescent spraying, whereby they can be used in total darkness. In addition, […]

Maurice Lacroix Gold Watches

Status Maurice Lacroix Gold Watches
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Currently, the global market of luxury watches is highly saturated with premium models from the prestigious Swiss, Japanese and European brands. Each brand, with desire to stand out in the mass of luxury models, focuses its products on a certain area of life, whether it’s cars, politics, sports, business, aviation and so on. Small Swiss company Marie Lacroix, which for the sake of beautiful organic sounds even decided to name the trademark not in honor […]

Maurice Lacroix Skeleton Watches

Quality Maurice Lacroix Skeleton Watches
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Maurice Lacroix skeleton watches gained recognition around the world, because until now many famous brands have only tried to increase the price to add the prestige of their products, “Maurice Lacroix” went, as they say, against the current. The best models of the brand today are stored in the company’s museum in Senelizhe Masterpiece. Maurice Lacroix watch first went on sale in 1975, when nobody heard about it. Many were looking for the deep historical […]

Maurice Lacroix Vintage Watches

Reliable Vintage Maurice Lacroix Watches
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In contemporary world watches reflect status of person and are an important part of one’s image. Without a word, they can tell a lot about your character, habits and nature. Maurice Lacroix is luxury brand of watches, which is characterized by luxurious style and manufacture of quality mechanisms. It is designed for people who value their appearance, and even more appreciate life. Sometimes the brand name is taken as belonging to the French fashion designer […]