Oris Automatic Watches

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The brand Oris produces watch accessories of mechanical type. The headquarters of this brand are located in Switzerland. 4 themed watch collection is presented in the catalog of the brand: classic, aviation, sports: diving and motor sports. Historical sources about company are about a hundred years old. In 1904, Paul and George Katin Christian made a purchase of the company for the production of watches called Lohner & Co, where at that time 24 people […]

Antique Oris Watches

Antique Oris Watches Review
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Swiss Oris watches have a history of more than a hundred years. The main feature of the brand is the fact that all the models at any time of the company existence were entirely mechanical. Its external feature is the so-called «red rotor» that symbolizes the mechanics of Oris. At this point, antique Oris watches are so popular that many of models are the official sponsors of Formula 1 competitions, filming Hollywood, jazz concerts, diving […]

Oris Chronograph Watches

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Oris has understood that divers are not less than others need stylish and thoughtful accessories. It is impossible to be faster, higher and stronger when you do not know at what depth you are, how long you are swimming and how much you can hold your breath. Collection of Oris chronograph watches gives you the opportunity to obtain all the necessary information directly during the dive and during the voyage. Classic, but recognizable, discreet, but […]

Oris Vintage Watches

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In honor of the 80th anniversary of the historic international competitions in sport aviation Challenge International de Tourisme, which took place in Berlin in August 1932, and paying tribute to the winning team of the outstanding events Swiss Oris brand has released a small series of exclusive wristwatch. The model of Oris vintage watches called Oris Challenge International de Tourisme 1932 LE. It is executed in a retro-style classic pilot’s watch of the last century: […]

Oris Limited Edition Watches

Oris Limited Edition Watches Review
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Only top quality materials are used in the manufacture of Oris limited edition watches: high alloy steel, sapphire glass or crystal. Gold is used for the decoration of corps; meet the standards set by the Swiss Department of precious metals (Swiss Office of Precious Metals). The straps are made of high quality rubber, calf, ostrich, and shark or crocodile leather. Three main areas (sports, aviation, culture), for which the company classifies its products cover virtually […]

Oris Gold Watches

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Technical production of Oris company has long been divided into four shaped spheres – culture, aviation, diving and motor sports. The company’s management has chosen this separation policies to the widest possible coverage of the interests of its fans, which are four separate collections produced annually. Because of this, no matter what status or style of life you have, no matter what your vital interests are – among collections of Oris gold watches you can […]

Oris Rectangular Watches

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Oris rectangular watches are associated with strength, power and, at the same time, with a refined aesthetic. Such associations are based on a broad palette range brand collections, from the classic to watch incredible precision tools used by drivers and pilots. Oris watches Factory was founded by Paul and George Katin Christian in 1904 in the city of Helshteyn, Switzerland. Today, the brand produces exclusively automatic watch that reflects its symbol – the red rotor. […]

Oris Quartz Watches

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ORIS watch company, which declared commitment to “high mechanics” in 1985 and renounced the production of quartz watches, offers a variety of models, made in a classic style. ORIS watch company, elegant and precise, have its own specifics. Designers of the company take into account all the wishes of customers, so Oris Quartz watches will satisfy any, even the most demanding customers. And although the home to the world’s first chronometer was France, a major […]

Oris Pocket Watches

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Oris has become one of the first brands that equipped its simple pocket watch bracelets making them virtually full wrist model. While Oris watch brand with pin descent was incredibly popular, especially in England, and then in the British colonies and South America. Paul and George Christian Caten founded Oris in 1904. Under this trademark not only Swiss Oris Watches, but also accessories were produced. In 1925, the company earned an excellent reputation as a […]

Oris Racing Watches

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The company Oris is an example of the inexhaustible creativity, the fruits of which can melt the most callous heart. A new series of watches Oris Air Racing Edition III embodies freedom, courage the world of aviation and deserves special attention. The company Oris – one of the most famous brands of the watches production. For over a hundred years, the brand produces exclusively mechanical chronographs, improving them from year to year. The special pride […]