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One of the oldest Swiss companies producing accessories in military style is Victorinox. The company’s story begins in 1884, when the Swiss master Karl Elzenar founded the production of convenient stainless steel knives. The company called Victorinox, collected from two words Victoria (the name of the mother of the founder) and inox (abbreviated inoxydable, meaning “stainless” in French). Already in 1889 the company received a large order from the Swiss army and started its own […]

Dkny Watches

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Watches Donna Karan New York (DKNY) was first released in New Yorkin 1997 by the world-famous fashion designer Donna Karan. Strengths of DKNY watches are renovated by Donna Karan, so it is possible to notice refined, concise and rigorous writing DKNY with the naked eye, which is likely to appeal not only to fans of the brand Donna Karan, but also people who prefer restraint – metal casing, leather straps, stylish chronographs. The main distinguishing […]

Rotary Watches

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Rotary Watches Limited is a world-renowned brand of classic watches. The company was founded in 1895, by Moses Dreyfus in the Swiss town of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Dreyfus family today is the owner of Rotary (included in the Dreyfus Group Holdings Holding). It is the oldest family-owned company in the Swiss watch market. The founder, Moses Dreyfus, devoted himself to the creation of fine watches with timeless elegance. His attention to detail and emphasis on excellent […]

Polar Watches

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Pulsometer is a small device that looks very much like a sports wrist watch, but with a broader functionality. It is used to record heart rate, chest sensor via transmitting electromagnetic waves of the heart muscle. Polar watches are a type of pulsometers and effective instrument to accurately determine the heart rate throughout the training. The Finnish company Polar Electro is unconditional world leader and pioneer in the market of heart rate monitors, producing them […]

Geneva Watches

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Watches are considered to be one of the oldest adornments that are not just beautiful, but also the most functional accessory. For someone it’s enough to have just one watch and enjoy it for years, and someone needs to be able to choose the watches for each image. Now the range of watches is extremely wide, so everyone can choose a suitable model. The latest trend, which simply took all dandies and ladies, is Geneva […]

Timex Watches

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Over 160 years of existence the company TIMEX has become the best watch US company. Every year it produces more than 40 million of watches. According to statistics, only in 1950, every third watches were sold by brand TIMEX. Accordingly, Timex watches have become a tradition. This American tradition of course followed, even by US presidents. Therefore, Bill Clinton gave his preference to TIMEX Triathlon. However, Bush did not part with the Timex watches Easy […]

Hugo Boss Watch Outlet

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Today Hugo Boss Watches are well known all over the world. They are very popular in Europe and far ahead in terms of sales amount of other brands in New York. Manufacturing these products in Switzerland and boasting the mark Swiss Made testifies to their exceptionally high quality. If you decide to see the catalog of the company Hugo Boss, then you’ll surprise the diversity represented in its products. For example, in the sale of […]

Oris Diving Watches

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To date, each of the world watch manufacturer has in its “arsenal” at least several diving models, which differ by not only the level of water resistance, but also by the design. The growing popularity of watches, you can go diving or just swim, makes us pay attention to the development of new models that meet customer requirements. In addition, if some 15-20 years back the clock with similar characteristics were rare, the potential buyers […]

Oris Watches for Men

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The famous Oris brand has been represented on the global market for over a hundred years. The company received the most recognized watch in 2003, when was the official BMW-Williams team sponsor in the Formula 1 championship. In the same year the watches Oris Limited Editon WilliamsF1 Team Chronograph were recognized as the most successful model. Oris is a brand that is very popular among the young and dynamic people. Oris watches for men are […]

Oris Watches for Women

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Luxury watch brand Oris – is mostly unique models for men. Therefore, the emergence of new models of elegant, refined specifically for the stylish woman has become a significant event for admirers of classical mechanics from Switzerland. One of the most famous collections of Oris watches for women – Artelier already have some original ladies’ models. However, the latest addition – Artelier Skeleton Diamonds with skeleton mechanism and the decor of the diamond is considered […]