Breguet Pocket Watches

Fascinating Breguet Pocket Watches
Fascinating Breguet Pocket WatchesMasterpiece Breguet Pocket WatchesExquisite Breguet Pocket WatchesReplica Breguet Pocket Watches

Queen of France Marie Antoinette extremely appreciated Breguet pocket watches and was the owner of many Manufactory models, including clock with perpetual calendar equipped with automatic winding mechanism. In 1783, a mysterious fan of Queen, wishing to give her a gift, ordered A.-L. Breguet’s unique clock, which gave rise to the appearance of all watchmakers of that era. Under the terms of the order, the maximum possible number of details had to be made of […]

Breguet Watches for Men

breguet watches for men
breguet watches for menbreguet watches for menbreguet watches for menbreguet watches for men

Breguet is one of the most famous Swiss watch brands, numbering two hundred years of history. During this time, Breguet watch house became an inherent part of European culture. The company was founded by Abraham Louis Breguet who started his business with the opening of a small shop in 1775. Soon unique watch with Automobile captured the heart of Queen Marie-Antoinette. Legend has it that the Queen asked the master to create unique watches that […]

Breguet Tourbillon Watches

breguet tourbillon watches
breguet tourbillon watchesbreguet tourbillon watchesbreguet tourbillon watchesbreguet tourbillon watches

Tourbillon is a mechanism that compensates the gravity of our planet. That is, the balance wheel and the trigger are mounted on a special rotating platform. The platform rotates around axis (usually, one revolution per one minute) and changes the center of gravity of the whole mechanism. When you rotate the platform, watches are fast just for the half-minute and then lose also half a minute. Thus error and is offset by the progress, which […]

Breguet Watches For Women

Breguet watches for women created by the famous French master Abraham Louis Breguet at the beginning of 1775, for several centuries, prove to the world that the true quality, style, glamor and elegance, have no age or boundaries! With the start of watches production, and up to now, the whole world thanks to floor of the great maestro of such essential item, such as self-winding watch, and the gong for repeater timepieces! Abraham Breguet created […]

Luxury Watches For Him and For Her By Breguet Company

Breguet is one of the most popular and honored Swiss watch brands. It has not only produced a huge number of amazing models that have created the face of modern Swiss watches, but also many inventions which have made a significant contribution to horology. There is the self-winding principle among them, which today is present in the majority of models, and Tourbillon mechanism is still considered a sign of exclusivity and refinement. Both of these […]

Fendi Watches Orologi

History of Fendi began in 1918 when Adele Casagrande in marriage Fendi, founded the small sale company of fur and leather in Rome. Watchmakers company started in the eighties of the 20th century, with the arrival of the famous German designer Karl Lagerfeld. The main idea was to create a watch as an essential accessory that expresses your mood and status of its owner. Fendi watches orologi- is an expression of the desire for success, […]

Vintage Fendi Watches

Antique things have become already a trendy fashion thing and pleasant surprise to their unusual and stylish look, and watch is not an exception. In addition, if you want to find an interesting and vivid thing that emphasizes individuality and still bearing a certain charm of the past, we recommend you to buy vintage watches that differ with unusual design and shape. No wonder the French word for vintage itself represents nothing but a wine […]

Fendi Crazy Carats Watches

The collection with a strange name Fendi crazy carats watches supports the clothing line Fendi Spring-Summer 2011. When creating a collection of Fendi Crazy Carats masters original patented mechanism was used, allowing to change the location and combination of gems on the dial of a single turn of the crown. In each instance of Fendi crazy carats watches three sets of gems were built in, that can be changed depending on the color of clothing […]

Fendi Men’s Watch

Expensive suit, pleasant fragrance, shoes polished, well-chosen color tie and shirt. What is missing? It remains the last final change – the watch. This accessory is able to say a lot about the status of its owner. Each model of Italian brand Fendi men’s watches combines unique Italian design and high quality, unfailing charm and elegant luxury. Fendi mens watches are manufactured in Switzerland and equipped with Swiss ETA movements, ensuring their accuracy and reliability. […]

Fendi Women Watches

Fendi women watch is a classic choice for those who love the precision and value their time. Watches Fendi are durable, precise and prestigious. They are usually chosen by self-confident people whose primarily values are the quality and reliability. Sapphire glass Fendi watches are transparent, high strength, resistant to scratches and damage, and also have a characteristic luster, which persists for many years. Fendi women watches with shockproof glass are most often also waterproof and […]