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The T-Touch Tissot black watches use sensor technology for controlling the clock functions. Engineers first used the technology in the model Tissot T-Touch, which was previously used in electronic notebooks and mobile phones. Touch panels used in Tissot T-Touch, different from the conventional sapphire so that its inner surface coated transparent electrodes, sensitive to the touch of human hands (in other objects touching it does not respond). When you touch the glass area with applied electrodes include certain clock function. The principle of operation is relatively simple, except that it’s technologically difficult to make such glass also waterproof to withstand the increased pressure when immersed in water.

One touch of the glass of Tissot black watches is enough to get directions to the magnetic pole of the Earth, or information about the atmospheric pressure changes during the day. In addition to the usual indications of time and date, the happy owner of Tissot black watches will be able to use their functions such as a stopwatch (accurate to 1/100 of a second) without difficulty, compass, barometer, thermometer, alarm, altimeter (height gauge).

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Program barometer Meteo constantly monitors the changes in air pressure during the day. Therefore, when you call on the screen of the barometer function, it provides data on the pressure at the moment and a graph showing the change in pressure over the past eight hours.

Also the height above sea level is calculated based on the barometer readings, which can be found by clicking on the watch glass in the Altimeter function designation area (altimeter). However, we can not do without adjustments, because of the abrupt change in the atmospheric pressure and changes in the weather can change and altitude readings.

The functions of the Compass in Tissot black watches, developers have taken into account the fact that there is a “his” magnetic pole for each point on the surface of the planet, slightly offset with respect to geographic. These distortions of the magnetic field are taken into account in all major navigation instruments.

Tissot Watches Black of Swiss

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