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It’s difficult to surprise divers and submariners in the 21st century. This statement also refers to watches. Look how many of them, choose any – and some watches are capable of such functions, that it is hard to imagine!

Oris Swiss Company has earned the trust of people from all over the world thanks to the impeccable quality. Since 1904 Oris Aquis watches release, you can boldly rely on it. New from the company Oris – a model called Aquis Depth Gauge, will surprise even experienced divers.

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Look at the steel casing of this watch, which is 46 mm in diameter. At the 12-hour mark you will see a small hole that provides access to the depth channel. For serious divers such error is unacceptable. In our days, Oris Aquis watches has revolutionized the Depth to wristwatches, and professionals can now proceed with the advanced equipment on the wrist.

Channel depth gauge is separated from the layer of rubber dial and sapphire crystal, black face covering, the thickness of which is bigger than of any ordinary glass by 50%. The arrows and numbers light up the dial in the dark thanks to its special composition prudently created by Oris specialists.

Swiss movement with automatic winding Oris 733 based on the SW 200-1 with a power reserve of 38 hours provides smooth work.

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Oris Aquis watches give a sense of calm. Akin to what feels a person sitting on a rock by the ocean or sea. And even if it appears someone with hostile intentions, it is not to demolish their heads. So it is with this model – steel spared, shell thickness to withstand heavy loads and damage. Watches are equipped with a safety system to prevent inadvertent opening of strap – the so-called “anchor” on the strap and the bracelet always keeps Oris Aquis watches in place. Watches Aquis Depth Gauge surprise not only by their revolutionary depth gauge, they also surprise also by the fact that on land, anyone can wear them with ease. Submariners repeatedly confronted with this strange feeling when diving that their watches on wrist are unnecessary. In those watches worked half the depth of the dial and the impression that such a waterproof watch no place to land. With Aquis Depth Gauge’s feeling are sdifferent. Depth indicator here occupies a small part of the dial, and does not interfere with daily life.

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