Omega Seamster Aqua Terra

Omega Aqua Terra Cal. 2500

Unlike my last, needlessly personal thread, I hope that this one should actually prove of relevance to other people. When I named the Electric Blue as the “most beautiful Seamaster“, I really only meant most beautiful SMP. Certainly, the Seamaster name carries a long history of extraordinary watches. I had my eye on a calendar-at-6 bumper for quite a while and almost bought a blue and white cal. 1040 chronograph, but the blue Aqua Terra was the first Omega watch I handled in person and I’ve been smitten by it ever since. I don’t think anyone would object when I say that it’s certainly one of the most beautiful watches Omega has ever made.

It’s also the most difficult watch I’ve ever photographed. I’ve worked with a number of watches with complex dial textures in the past (Seiko Direct Drive Moonphase, Seiko “Cocktail”), but this one takes the cake. It’s not that it’s extremely ornate, but that it’s so dynamic. The sunburst texturing is very subtle, but the effect is that the watch shifts from a uniform, nearly black Prussian blue into a slate, glaucous blue. It’s hard to describe and harder to capture in a photograph. This shot is probably the closest:

Omega Aqua Terra Cal. 2500

A closeup of the dial:

Omega Aqua Terra Cal. 2500

Pretty nice, isn’t it? I figured that I should show a comparison of it and the Electric Blue SMP. The dials are quite different. The EB is as flashy as its name, without being gaudy. The Aqua Terra is subdued and refined; the dial texturing takes coaxing to be seen. No one could miss the EB’s SMP waves.

This is the 2503.80 model, 39mm diameter on bracelet. The strap in the shot is the Hirsch Modena, an affordable and apt stand-in for the Omega OEM alligator. The bracelet clasp has a sliding mechanism so it’s both single-fold and small and comfortable to wear. I’m not sure of the clasp’s long-term durability, but it is certainly clever and unobtrusive.

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Omega Aqua Terra Cal. 2500

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