Luxury Watches For Him and For Her By Breguet Company

Breguet is one of the most popular and honored Swiss watch brands. It has not only produced a huge number of amazing models that have created the face of modern Swiss watches, but also many inventions which have made a significant contribution to horology. There is the self-winding principle among them, which today is present in the majority of models, and Tourbillon mechanism is still considered a sign of exclusivity and refinement. Both of these inventions belong to the founder of the brand – Abraham Breguet, who is widely regarded as the greatest watchmaker in history.

Company Breguet hasn’t stop development of the art of watchmaking. For example, as recently as 2013, the company managed to hold a self-winding mechanism and tourbillon in the slimmest body in the world, presenting a model of watch breguet. To do this, it had to completely revise both mechanisms, while issuing a number of new patents.

Watches breguet are so complex and have many magnetic details, that it is impossible to evaluate the superficial glance. The company traditionally juts out into the tiniest subtleties of watch movements, each of that is taking its gear to perfection. For this, it takes a rightful place among the Swiss brand of super-premium.

There are Modern and Classique mechanisms among the collections of Breguet: watch for a select audience of representatives of business, political and cultural elite. Models of this collection are a classic design with a modern twist and mechanical perfection. Models of the Heritage collection also continue a line of classics, but with a curved body “barrel”. Marine Collection is a direct descendant of watches breguet devised for the French Royal Navy. It consists of ergonomic and “hardy” model for sports and an active lifestyle.

Summing up we can say that, while watches breguet have many admirers, collectors are considering to buy one of these mechanical masterpieces, and not to be mistaken by watches of this brand. History, known quality and uniqueness of these watches breguet convinces that this acquisition would be a good investment.

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