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The so-called vintage watches – this is one of the main exhibits in every collection, the most valuable object for investments, and a small piece of history. Such retro clock properly selected is a kind of a pass into a closed little world, where style and fancy of its owner will be appreciated. In addition, buying vintage watches can be a test for the nerves and the budget, as the most valuable vintage pattern may be just a cheap imitation.

In recent years, vintage Panerai watches are often the subject of lively bidding at auctions where collectors and fans of the brand fight over the ownership of historical models, many of which are truly unique. Exclusivity in combination with a classic design and recognizable steel body – this is one of the main factors affecting the standing on Panerai model prices.

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In 1934, after the death of his father – Guido Panerai, Giuseppe and Maria became managers of the company. The dynasty of watchmakers continues. Giuseppe directs the production of machine tools for the Italian Navy, and Maria manages watch shop. While the Panerai watch, despite their durability and precision, were not popular with the public. Almost all Panerai technology was held in the strictest confidence by order of the military departments of Italy.

At that time, vintage Panerai watches were made only to order and in very limited edition (20-30 pieces). That is why some models of vintage watches Panerai are so valuable today. Vintage Panerai watches are being chased by collectors from around the world, and they are willing to pay a fabulous price.

Manufactory “Officine Panerai” created a special timepiece – called Panerai Mare Nostrum Titanio. As the vintage Panerai watches novelty is called “Mare Nostrum”, which means “our sea”. So we called Mediterranean ancient Romans when their empire reached its maximum size and completely controlled the Mediterranean coast. But the name “Mare Nostrum” has also been used in 1941-42, when for a short time, the Italian fleet gained control over almost all of the Mediterranean. Due to the preserved specimens of steel, model was recreated in 2010 with great technical precision and aesthetics, which completely retained the original watches.

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