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Masculine U Boat Watches U42

Modern U-Boat attracts by its size, minimalistic design and a pronounced masculine “character.” The manufacturer offers 6 watches lines: u boat watches u42, Chimera, U-1001, Classico, Flightdeck and the Thousands of Feet. In our time, despite the youthfulness of the brand, it gained immense popularity due to the quality and design. The watch is manufactured in Switzerland – this fact guarantees the owner a long and good work chronometer. As the clock was originally released for the Mariners, the body is designed for long exposure to salt air and water, as well as work in extreme conditions.

For a long time designers have been trying to make less and less wristwatches, until one day they released the clock with a large and massive body. All the while thinking that this is a temporary phenomenon, and the fashion for large dials would take place soon. However, contrary to expectations, the massive watches remain popular as so many seasons before. In addition, they even take more and more interesting shapes. For example, such as the Italian men’s u boat watches u42.

Large U Boat Watches U42

The exterior design of stylish men’s u boat watches u42 is very similar to steampunk through its Shabby Man Band and has many cogs and gears. Despite the impressive size and diameter of 48 mm, this watch is very light and comfortable. For their production the carbon was used, which provided the model a little weight. Massive matte body, curved arrows and thick strap calfskin with titanium lock make this watch not only visible, but also very recognizable. Such watches are equipped with automatic winding, have a power reserve of 48 hours and are water resistant to a depth of 50 meters. Moreover, the work of the watch movement can be observed through the transparent sapphire crystal on the backside of the case.

This accessory is perfect for men who prefer the modern style of clothing. Unfortunately, the clock u boat watches u42 will contrast with the classic suit. This little flaw fully pays reliability and product design. Therefore, white, attracting the eyes of others, the dial is perfectly matched with a leather strap. On its surface enlarged Arabic numerals which made in the so-dinner military style are located. Black «baguette» arrows are fascinating on their own. In short, u boat watches u42 – is a model for those who do not live by the rules and enjoy every moment, bestowed by fate.

U Boat Watches U42 Special Design

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