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Brutal appearance and impressive size makes these Panerai Radiomir watches not just recognizable and identifiable from a distance. Even those who were not previously familiar with the Panerai, recognize this accessory military mission and assume their long history. In this case Panerai watches are not mass and middle-of-the-road– they were produced by limited edition 1936 copies.

Steel body of Panerai Radiomir watches is made in the form of pillows, with rounded edges and a round two-millimeter front cover of plexiglass. It may seem surprising – because the material is relatively easy to scratch and is not used in expensive watches. However, Panerai tried to comply with historical authenticity – while divers watch used to be made from Plexiglas glass. It can be scratched, but it is very difficult to break.

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Winder, which is easy to operate even in diving gloves, is perfectly consistent with the general style of watch and is located in fairly large corps of Panerai radiomir watches. The only concession to modern trends – a sapphire window (instead of steel) on the back cover, the owner could consider artfully decorated mechanism. Incidentally, because of this watertight, model can sustain depth up to 30 meters. Not enough for Panerai! However, this model is released for collectors and not for soldiers.

Strap looks no less brutal than the watch itself – the closest analogy to it would have been a soldier’s belt. A broad band of smooth calfskin completed a massive classical u1079 of brushed metal clasp. Everything is permeated with strength and solidity. This strap cannot be called strange and uncomfortable, because it is created in full compliance timely figurative image hours.

Hard to believe that the Radiomir were born in an era has come to Europe furious jazz, cars with an open top, country picnics and relaxing on the Cote d’Azur. However, the Second World War is already overdue, Italy invaded Africa, and Hitler and Stalin gathered strength. Anxiety poured across the continent. Well, after 3 years after the Panerai Radiomir watches style “military” reigned on the planet for years to come. So all military watches can be considered a family of Panerai Radiomir watches.

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