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The company, which initially declared itself as a manufacturer of stationery, eventually became known for its high quality luxury wristwatches. In 1913, it designed its own logo, which is a white star as a symbol of snow-covered mountains. Such a star can be seen on the arms of many famous political figures, which clearly demonstrates their choice in favor of office products of the brand Montblanc.

The first Montblanc watches appeared in 1997. Manufacture of watches after the production of mechanical pens was unexpected, but still high-quality new products played a role. Watches have been noticed by even the most avid critics who recognized their original style, quality and technical excellence.

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During the first 10 years since the start of watches production, it was created 5 men’s collections: Star, Summit, Sport, TimeWalker, and Profile. Following the brilliant success of the men’s collection, a collection of women Lady Profile was released. Women also treated news with special attention and soon the watches Montblanc could be seen on the wrists of famous personalities and lovers of the original style even in the accessories.

Anniversary of Montblanc watches Canada collection has increased the interest of the public. Profile LadyElegance Diamonds collection with case and bracelet set with diamonds and rubies was one of the best in the world production of watches. But, of course, it was not cheap pleasure and affordable only to persons of high status, with no less than high earnings. Mechanisms that make up a Montblanc watches Canada, are treated by real professionals and harvested by hand. Computerization is subject only to the virtual stage of the models development.

This feature enables the production of only 250 copies of watches for 365 days. Such exclusivity even more fascinating for true connoisseurs of rare watches. One can buy Montblanc watches, or rather their quality precision analog in Montblanc watches Canada store. Such a rare stylish accessory easily accentuates your perfect taste and will not leave you unnoticed in any society. Montblanc watches Canada are absolutely imperceptible on the hand, but their presence always stresses the status of their owner.

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