Montblanc Timewalker Watch

Sure, men’s mechanical montblanc timewalker watches are always in demand. Stunning lines bends steel case with a dusting of white gold, black dial with clear figures from the best designers. The quality of the automatic mechanism does not require additional intervention. Carefully thought-out design of the strap leaves a pleasant impression.

The company has created its own Montblanc watch factory located in Switzerland. In the manufacturing process of these masterpieces the best artists are involved. Recognition even among the skeptical watch world gurus has gained to impeccable quality and design of montblanc timewalker watches. Man, whose style is on the verge between the strict low-key classic and freestyle casual, chooses Swiss montblanc timewalker watch, representing one of the most popular lines. The round case model is dial with original placed on the circumference of the figures. This location makes Montblanc Timewalker watch quite recognizable.

Central hands and Arabic numerals are present on the dark sapphire crystal, dial dark. On the periphery there is 24-hour markings intended to indicate the time of additional time zone. For user convenience, it is divided into light and dark parts, that allows distinguishing the time before and after noon. For the same purposes, there is the tip of the second hand clockwise, displaying the second time zone, that is painted red.

Mechanical movement with automatic winding MB 24.05 is hidden inside the case. This finished and decorated mechanism can be seen through the sapphire glass, mounted on the back cover.
«Smart» e-Strap unit is attached to the strap montblanc timewalker watches, created by the masters of Florentine leather factory Montblanc Pelletteria. This strap is subjected to special treatment, so that its surface is visually reminiscent of carbon fiber, and the strap becomes a reliable and durable.

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