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Maurice Lacroix skeleton watches gained recognition around the world, because until now many famous brands have only tried to increase the price to add the prestige of their products, “Maurice Lacroix” went, as they say, against the current. The best models of the brand today are stored in the company’s museum in Senelizhe Masterpiece.

Maurice Lacroix watch first went on sale in 1975, when nobody heard about it. Many were looking for the deep historical roots of the brand, because the sonorous name gave rise to such assumptions. However, the brand name was taken almost by accident: the company DESKO, in whose ownership is Maurice Lacroix, developers have long puzzled over what name to give to the new trademarks, and asked for approval of the Director of the subsidiary, which was engaged in the production of silk, to give his name to watches. Maurice Lacroix immediately agreed.

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Today, Maurice Lacroix is a complete manufacture, which can produce watches from start to finish and equip their own mechanisms calibers, special interest among them a well-known mechanism with retrograde display caused, which brought Maurice Lacroix numerous professional awards and recognition of customers. In contrast to the classical mechanism, where all the arrows moving in a circle, retrograde scale – is labeled semicircular sector, which occupies the whole of the dial. The arrow moves along the scale and, having reached the last division, performs an instant, almost imperceptible to an eye jump to zero. The company Maurice Lacroix has developed and patented its own gear wheel with partially removed teeth, which can effectively place in the mechanism of multiple retrograde indicators. The brand can be proud of Maurice Lacroix skeleton watches. An important feature that distinguishes this brand from all others is the unwillingness to rest on their laurels. Maurice Lacroix is the real pioneer of watchmaking. They belong to the invention of the square wheel and its incarnation in Maurice Lacroix skeleton watches model. The square wheel is a small dial to indicate the seconds. Two museums of watch art recognized genius invention of the company and considered it an honor to include Maurice Lacroix skeleton watches with a square wheel in their collection!

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