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Panerai Watches Luminor 1950 for Men

Italian watch brand Panerai, which became famous by its large clock of aggressive and militant style, was founded in Florence more than a century ago. The company’s founder Govanni Panerai specialized in the design and manufacture of high-precision instruments and luminor panerai watches for use in high-risk conditions and succeed in his business.

For about half a century, Panerai manufactured watches only for the Italian naval units and was the official supplier of complex high-precision devices for the Italian army. Along with the development of various tools special series of watches were designed specifically for use in high-risk conditions. In 1950 the company produced better luminor Panerai watches, this model retained the traditional form of case and dial, but possessed a number of important characteristics: water resistance has been improved by the introduction of a special bridge, firmly pressing the crown to the body. In addition, the new model was used to gauge Angelus 8-day power reserve, which succeeded in significantly reduced plant mechanism regularity and as a result, reduced the likelihood of water penetrating in the winding mechanism. The unique device protecting the crown is a characteristic feature of luminor panerai watches and registered as a trademark. Another important feature was the rejection of the use of fluorescent dyes based on radium in favor of the composition based on tritium. Luminor Panerai watches, still delivered in a special unit of the Italian Navy, became a truly legendary and highly prized among collectors and fans of the brand worldwide.

Panerai Watches Luminor Marina Review

Swiss watches Panerai Luminor Marina have simple “transparent” and understandable design. They don’t have any superfluous elements. The crown is protected by developed back in the 40’s arm crown. It was a must-have for divers. The watch was able to flow water due to insufficient fixation of the crown, so the company’s specialists have developed Panerai steel block with a cam lever that is securely fixed the head and pressed its rod into the casing. Today, this lever is a recognizable part of Panerai watches brand.

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