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During 150 years, the German brand Glashutte Original is one of the most prominent representatives of classic watchmaking. According to tradition, the company continues to introduce new technologies and improve constantly them. Key properties of the company are precision, reliability, functionality and aesthetics. The original design of the dials Glashut watches gives them a special charm. Elegant appearance of glashutte original watchescatching “practical luxury” design and shape is traditional for Germany.

Brand of Swiss watches called Glashutte Original was founded in 1845. In December of that year, Adolf Lange founded in Glashütte (small town in Germany) the first in the region watch factory. Adolf perfectly coped with his challenge, and soon watch Glashutte Original gained world recognition.

German brand Glashutte Original surprises and delights connoisseurs of watchmaking with its unique and original models of wristwatches for the past half century. In order to verify this, the catalog of glashutte original watches is almost everything under the label «Made in Germany», in accordance with the highest standards. Today wristwatches Glashutte Original is a Swiss reliability, German precision, aesthetics and functionality.

Gashutte original watches are equipped with exclusive high-quality instruments and have a sleek design. In official store, you can buy watches Glashutte Original, which are the epitome of style and quality, by which people emphasize their status. Watches Glashutte Original, which are presented on official website, will enjoy a wide variety of models for admirers of original watches products.

To buy glashutte original watches is equivalent to replenish the collection of a new work of art. Glashutte Original designs and constructs its own watch movements, and therefore has achieved great heights in the uniqueness of its products. Glashutte original watch is an incredible harmony of quality and visual appeal, and certainly a fashion accessory. Today, in the community of manufacturers of mechanical watches Glashutte Original brand occupies a special position.

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