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History of Fendi began in 1918 when Adele Casagrande in marriage Fendi, founded the small sale company of fur and leather in Rome. Watchmakers company started in the eighties of the 20th century, with the arrival of the famous German designer Karl Lagerfeld. The main idea was to create a watch as an essential accessory that expresses your mood and status of its owner.

Fendi watches orologi- is an expression of the desire for success, elegance, originality and unsurpassed Swiss quality. At all watches of the company only Swiss movements are used, watch assembly also takes place at the company in Switzerland.

The original watch is packed in a design gift box. The watch comes with a certificate confirming its authenticity, with the date of manufacture and sale, stamped; certificate of authenticity jewels (if any), warranty card. All watches have unique serial number on the back cover. A sketch Chanel creative director and renowned fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, which was established in 1971, inspired the design of the dial of new models of luxury watches. Replacement straps new fendi watches orologi are available in two colors – light pink and sandy brown.

To make the watches of modern femininity and luxury master watchmaker’s art fashion house decorated them with 68 shimmering diamonds. All watches, round or barrel-shaped, can now boast two color dial. Background of them are silver, and hour markers, numerals and hands are colored yellow or rose gold. Watchbands are made from the same leather as the famous handbags Fendi.. All this gives the fendi watches orologi a sporty look. When we hear fendi watches orology, we understand that we are talking about high fashion. Fendi dictates style for discerning ladies. Woman in Fendi style is strong, even a little cheeky, striving to keep her life in her hands.

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