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Breguet Diamond Watches With Self-Winding Movement

Breguet is one of the most famous and honored Swiss watch brands. It has not only produced a huge number of successful models that have shaped the face of modern Swiss watches, but also many inventions that have made a significant contribution to horology. There is the self-winding mechanism among them, which is presented in the majority of models today, and tourbillon – complication, which is still considered a sign of exclusivity and refinement. Both of these inventions belong to the founder of the brand – Abraham-Louis Breguet, who is widely regarded as the greatest watchmaker in history.

Development of the art of watchmaking company Breguet does not stop today. For example, recently, in 2013, the company has managed to put a self-winding mechanism and tourbillon in the slimmest corps in the world, presenting Breguet diamond watches model of Classique Tourbillon. To do this, it had to completely revise both mechanisms, while issuing a number of new patents.

Wristwatch Breguet Diamond Watches

Breguet diamond watches are so complex and have so many interesting nuances, that it is impossible to evaluate the superficial glance. The company has traditionally juts out into the tiniest subtleties of watch movements, each bringing their gear to perfection. For this it takes a rightful place among the Swiss brand of super-premium class.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest innovations of the last year was the double tourbillon – technical and aesthetic masterpiece, protected by three patents. Two independent tourbillions mechanisms are linked through differential gear and fixed to the rotating around the central axis of the platinum watch mechanism, which makes one revolution in 12 hours. The differential transmits the average speed of the rotating tourbillon platinum and gearing. Therefore, the accuracy of the Breguet diamond watches corresponds to the average value of the two stroke tourbillon and thus twice as precise and more uniform than conventional watches mechanism. Role-clockwise performs revolving platinum tourbillon while minutes are shown by the usual arrow sitting on the central axis.

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