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Swiss Oris watches have a history of more than a hundred years. The main feature of the brand is the fact that all the models at any time of the company existence were entirely mechanical. Its external feature is the so-called «red rotor» that symbolizes the mechanics of Oris. At this point, antique Oris watches are so popular that many of models are the official sponsors of Formula 1 competitions, filming Hollywood, jazz concerts, diving and aviation.

The roots of the art of manufacturing watch mechanisms in Oris go far into the past of Switzerland. Already in the course of a century of manufacturing, all models were produced in the same place – Gёlshteyn factory. Each new line meets the trends of its time, so most new antique Oris watches fully meet not only the requirements for the quality, but also a modern, fashionable and fully meet the new trends of fashion and design. The line of antique Oris watches has mechanisms such as round and classic rectangular shape, with a sophisticated, elegant design, which is able to present the style of a woman to a qualitatively new level.

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A passenger ship was launched in the port Ears on Lake Geneva in 1855. After 7 years, the ship hit a submerged rock in a storm and sank. Fortunately all of its 350 passengers managed to escape. In 1966, a team of divers inspected the bottom of the lake and discovered the famous ship.

To mark the importance of this event for the Swiss culture, brand released a series of antique Oris watches Hirondelle Limited Edition, a limited 151 copies. This figure represents the number of years that have passed since the collapse. The model is made in the spirit of the 19th century shipbuilding: titanium body coated with a PVD-coated gunmetal, and showing the power reserve sub-dial stylized engine control lever indicator on the vessel. Despite the retro style antique Oris watches are equipped with the latest technology and designed for divers, they can withstand water pressure at depths of up to 1 km, their hour markers and hands are coated with Superluminova advanced light-accumulative composition, and reinforced high-strength tungsten bezel insert and protected by proprietary mechanism that prevents arbitrary rotation.

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