Oris Pocket Watches

Beautiful Oris Pocket Watches
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Oris has become one of the first brands that equipped its simple pocket watch bracelets making them virtually full wrist model. While Oris watch brand with pin descent was incredibly popular, especially in England, […]

Tissot Pocket Watches

Status Tissot Pocket Watches for Men
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Pocket watches are the oldest type of mechanisms to determine the time. Compared with older models of modern machinery have decreased in size, they became more comfortable to wear, more accurate. Their hallmarks are […]

Pocket Watch

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Pocket watch has appeared on the turn of the seventeenth century, it was not very accurate, but the glass on it appeared much later, but at that time the clock was a luxury and […]

Breguet Pocket Watches

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Queen of France Marie Antoinette extremely appreciated Breguet pocket watches and was the owner of many Manufactory models, including clock with perpetual calendar equipped with automatic winding mechanism. In 1783, a mysterious fan of […]