U-Boat Automatic Watches

Italian U-Boat Automatic Watches

Each brand of luxury and world-famous watches has its own features, style and design peculiar only for it. Therefore, the models of Italian u boat automatic watches differ by unique design in style of submarine! The watches of this brand are often very large (greater than 5 cm in diameter and 1.5 cm in thickness), are located on the face of large, easy to read time and the arrow mark. In some models, the crown is placed to the left, when it is the right standard. Now all u boat automatic watches are produced with a mechanical movement with automatic winding.

The term «U-Boat» – stands for ‘Unterseeboot” which translates as “the submarine”. The name for the watch brand was not chosen by chance. Many years ago in Italy, the engineer-designer Ylva Fontana received a favorable order from the Navy for the development of special navigational watch. The main objective was to create a watch that would simply be used in any light, and which would not be afraid of any natural disasters. Distinctive style, brutality and special appearance – this is what allows you to recognize u boat automatic watches and fall in love with them at first sight. Italian designers managed to make a miracle. They have created a product that fully meets the U-Boat concept. A masterpiece of watchmaking is so great external differences that deserve special attention from collectors and fans of watches. Replica of u boat automatic watches also significantly distinguished from other replicas of famous brands. Steel with black coating, chiseled face in the same color, carbon silicone bracelet and original mineral protective glass – this fascinates and attracts looks to replica watches U-Boat.

U-Boat Automatic Watches With Date

Despite the fact that the basic models of watches were created in the men’s design in fact, they also have a considerable demand among the female half of the population. Italian brand U-Boat is not engaged in an independent manufacturer of watch movements. For his masterpieces, company buys components from the Swiss company ETA watchmaking professionals. This demonstrates the high quality of the internal filling of designer watches.

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