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Designers of Hugo boss automatic watches work particularly on the design of watches, focusing on the case and bracelet. The design of corps has many different forms in order to meet the needs of any client: round, rectangular, square, as well as in the form of barrels. The brand offers a model on the straps, bracelets and chains. The straps are made of genuine leather and ecologically pure rubber.

On the dial of watches of this brand embossed logo Hugo Boss is applied, testifying to the brand accessory products. Embossed logo is the only similar feature, dials and other identical elements are not present. All watches Hugo Boss have a different view, they are quite similar to each other. The best designers and developers of the company have worked at the design of watches. Special attention should be given to glass, the so-called sapphire, mineral glass with sapphire coating with improved strength, inferior only to diamond in hardness. Everyone can find something for himself in the collection of watches of this brand. Hugo boss automatic watches collection updated with new releases every season, allowing its admirers to emphasize the individuality of the brand and give it the image of perfection.

It’s no secret that mechanical watch is classics of watchmaking art, so it’s more prestigious. The operating principle of the mechanism is that they are operated via a coil spring, which is in a drum with a toothed edge. However, such a mechanism is necessary to start again in 1-3 days, because the watch will stop. However, even this lack of modern technology have eliminated, as there’s mechanical self-winding watch. In this case, the spring is automatically tightened by hand movement when walking. Moreover, such a clock mechanism is more precise.

If you wish to last your watch for long, better choose mechanical one. With proper use, it can serve you forever. Though its value is higher than the electron, it is fully justified by its durability and the fact that each model requires a delicate handwork. Hugo boss automatic watches, as opposed to electronic ones, exist in various modifications. You can choose exactly the model that fits your style best.

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