Movado Watches For Men

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The starting point of Movado company’s history can be called the year 1881 when a talented watchmaker Achill Diteshayn released the first watch brand he founded in the Swiss town of La Chaux-de-Fonds. For the first 100 years of its existence, the company has received nearly 100 patents, confirming its technological superiority and advanced design philosophy. Brand name Movado watches for men it is quite matt dial without labels and circle in 12 hours. The […]

Stuhrling Watches

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Stuhrling watches is the legendary brand, whose history goes back to the last century. Stuhrling Watches, which gave preference to the most demanding gentlemen, two centuries ago, remained as popular even in this age of computer technology. Collections of Stuhrling watches are distinguished by a combination of the best of contemporary style and traditional technical solutions. Each era has its hour lines, and after careful research Stuhrling collections, you will see how bright Stuhrling watches […]

Relic Watches

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Fashion Relic watches have been produced by the American company since 1984. The basic idea behind the company was to produce these watches, which will be a good continuation of the style of its owner. For this reason, the head of production has always been quality and unusual design. Thirty years later, engineers and designers of the famous companies continued to follow this idea. Despite its relatively affordable price all Relic watches are made exclusively […]

Elgin Watches

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As in the case of branded Elgin watches, contrary to popular opinion, is not the main brand or how many functions they have, and most importantly-a perfect status and originality! Only then can you talk about a subject that is a satisfaction for the owner and essential. Collectible Elgin watches have only the value and meaning if guess watches remain in perfect condition and all their functions are still working. It is even about such […]

Kids Watches

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Kids watches a good gift for your child of any age, whether it is a two-year toddler or a teenager of fifteen. Children should be taught from childhood to appreciate the time, and kids watches  the most suitable for this purpose. A personal watch for the child is not only a watch, but also an attribute of adult and responsible person. But most importantly, among the abundance of companies and types of watches to […]

Gucci Digital Watches

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More recently, electronic watches is much inferior to mechanical in its design, so they are chosen rather because of practicality. But now they can surprise by presentable appearance and, of course, an abundance of useful features. To buy Gucci digital watches means to buy once and stopwatch, and alarm clock, and a calendar, and in some cases, the instrument for measuring pressure and heart rate, a barometer, a pedometer, and a calorie counter. The mechanics […]

Digital Watches

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Not long ago, watches were used exclusively for the measurement of time. Today, almost any appliance, starting from the mobile phone and ending with a refrigerator, equipped with an electronic display having such a function. Now, from the device for determining time they have become a fashion accessory that can tell a lot about the status of its owner. Therefore, they have to be approached responsibly to the choice. There are several varieties of watches: […]

Swiss Army Watches

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In 1989, on the initiative of Charles Elzenera IV, great-grandson of the founder of Victorinox, the first watch brand was released. Legendary artisanship and functional design of Swiss Army watches harmoniously fit into the tradition of excellence and innovation, which is famous for the Swiss watchmaking. The company’s commitment to the ideals of perfection clearly reflected in the quality assurance system, the clutch all stages of production. Careful attention to the quality  each design […]

Police Watches

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Police has officially begun its existence in Italy in the early ’80s. Its founder is a large company De Rigo, which specialized in the production of sunglasses. But the brand has not stopped; it also produces a variety of fashion accessories, jewelry, watches and perfumes. Police watches gained great popularity not only in Italy but all over the worldvery quickly. Effective marketing and promotional activities will quickly win the love of the brand. Police Products […]

Tudor Watches

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Women’s and men’s watches of Swiss manufactory Tudor differ by precision of stroke and elegant, sporty design. The subsidiary of Rolex uses technical development group and for more than 70 years has been offering quality products at reasonable prices. In the mid-20th century, the founder of Rolex Hans Wilsdorf decided to create cheap watches. In 1946 he founded the company Montres Tudor S. A. Brand got its name in honor of the royal family, who […]